Can’t Miss Links for Parents 1.9

You know the drill — to check out some of the week’s best links related to parenting and youth culture, click on any of the images below. Get a brief summary below each image. Pass it on to any parents in your life who may benefit from the content.

Photo credits are obvious at each of the links.


3166-620xThis stunning photo gallery of kids around the world gives us a glimpse into their bedrooms– exposing for us the reality of how so many families live. While this link may not contain much by way of practical parenting advice, it does grant us some perspective as parents. And it may come in handy the next time your kid thinks their life is lame.



Brooklyn Lindsey is a youth pastor and a thought leader in the youth pastor community. In this post on the Orange Parents site (from which we draw inspiration often), she takes a hack at some encouragement with this post, Parenting Isn’t for Wimps. I can hear a couple hearty amens through the computer screen already. Check it out!



I linked to the above piece through a favorite source of mine, CPYU (The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) . From a news station in South Carolina, a story on a new app you may not have heard of called Yik Yak. Lots of good info and some practical help on protecting your son or daughter from online bullying an other in appropriate online behavior. Give it a look!