Can’t Miss Links for Parents 2.4


Here’s some links I ran across in the past week or so that were share-worthy. Great for youth workers and parents. Feel free to pass them on…


I love this post about ways to ask your teenager how school went without asking how school went and getting the hum-drum answer of “fine” every time. I’ve started asking my own kids (ages 9 and 6) similar questions and the results are refreshing. I get way more insight into their day and I’d recommend these questions to all parents (or youth ministers and youth workers who want to ask a kid about their week).



Having a hard time helping your teenager get in that back-to-school sleep routine? There are plenty of reasons it’s hard for them to sleep — staying up late doing homework, for example. But there may be one factor in their restlessness and drowsiness the next day you haven’t considered. Read all about it here:


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The-Pressures-OnThe last link is long, but extremely helpful for parents who desire to help their teen deal with negative peer pressure. If you have limited time, skip to the bullet points toward the end and commit to talking with your daughter or son about a strategy or two. Go prepped to the conversation with an honest admission of one time when you messed up as a teenager…it will help your kid loosen up and be more wiling to talk. (Photo cred: CYPU)