It’s Time to Wage a REAL War Against Terror

From 2006 to 2013, there were approximately 90,000 terrorist attacks worldwide. This is a decrease, believe it or not, in global terror when compared to the decade prior. That is an astonishing statistic.



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I’m not smart enough to solve huge geopolitical problems. Most of our world’s issues are far more complicated than the over-simplistic solutions offered by well-intentioned people. I’m not even going to go there. But we must note that war, so far, hasn’t worked. Places we’ve invaded and engaged actually have higher incidents of terror. Terror, in the eyes of many, mandates war. War motivates additional terror.

On and on it goes.

But don’t misunderstand me as a pacifist. I’m proposing (insisting on, really) an all-out war of a different kind. One like humanity has rarely seen. One that is perhaps the toughest to recruit for but destined to succeed. I’m talking complete devastation of terror on every front. There exists an army that can (and will) defeat terrorism once and for all.

As we know, terrorists are armed with more than guns and swords and bombs. Their primary weapon is fear. That’s why they’re called “terror”ists. What modern person hasn’t stood in a crowded stadium or concert venue or shopping mall and wondered if “it” could happen to us? That little tingle of fear that creeps upon you at that moment in the airport is the most lethal weapon of them all.

“How do you defeat a group of people who aren’t afraid to die?”

It’s a good question, isn’t it?

While I’m sure there are many “terrorists” who are cowards — hiding behind their positions of authority to recruit others to die for the cause, it is noteworthy that many of the people hatching these evil plots have no fear of death. It is an honor to die for their cause. We may not agree with the nobility of that cause, but their commitment to it is what drives much of our fear. How can we stop them? The answer, of course, is we can’t. 

But maybe we can. Maybe our bombs and guns won’t do it, perhaps those will just motivate them more, but maybe there’s another way. There’s no maybe about it, really. For Christians, it’s a sure thing.

What if we weren’t afraid? What if our own death was not met with trembling hands, but calm ones? What if we viewed our lives as a mist that vanishes, and had no fear about what was next? What if terrorists held no power over us, not because they couldn’t kill our bodies but because they couldn’t kill our souls?

I met a man in India who used to train Hindu extremists. He had a warehouse where they would run drills and hatch plans and manufacture fear. But then he met Jesus. He became a Christian pastor. He’s been beaten and jailed and threatened, but he preaches on. He’s in a new army now.

I want to be in an army like that.

I met another man who preached the Gospel boldly to people who didn’t want to hear it. He was opposed sharply. He was attacked and beaten within an inch of death. His wife was murdered. He was asked what he was going to do next. His reply was simple: “I’m going to go preach.” He did so. He later baptized some of the men who killed his wife.

I want to be in an army like that.

I met a woman whose village was attacked, her church ransacked, her husband burned to death, and who herself was brutally raped by dozens of men. She stood and told us how she travels around preaching the Gospel to children in her area, challenging them to follow Jesus.

I want to be in an army like that. 

Read the Bible. People are bold in the face of opposition, rejoicing in the suffering. There is no terror.  They expect the opposition. They welcome death as a natural consequence of faithful living in a godless world. They (usually) don’t go looking for trouble, but when they find it, they are willing to stand up to the test. They don’t shrink back in fear, they are steadfast in their commitment. They were crucified, beheaded, burned at the stake, stoned to death, boiled in water, and flogged until their skin peeled off. They preached on.

I want to be in an army like that. 

Look, as I said before: I’m not a pacifist. The kingdoms of this world will do what they do, waging war against each other. We can debate the rightness or wrongness of that some other day. Hear me clearly–what I am suggesting is a worldwide battle of an entirely different kind:

One where people who were fully committed to the cause of Christ are bold in the face of terror. When opposed, we fight with the truth in one hand and hope in the other. We don’t fear death. There is no terror. For those who hope in eternal life the loss of life is no end to be feared, but a reality to be embraced.

When our hope becomes as bold as their hate, victory is certain. Defeat is impossible. Terror is no threat to those who have nothing to fear.

I want to be in an army like that.

The battle is on.


An army of church leaders in India who know terror all too well. All have been beaten, had loved ones killed, been jailed, etc. They preach anyway. I want to be in an army like that.