I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is



That plate of food may be the only food that kid eats today. He lives in the Dominican village of Los Perez, where the nonprofit group my wife and I work with is funding the operation of the nutrition center seen in this picture. I took that picture. I met that kid. I know his pastor by name. I’ve seen the benefit of this ministry. There are approximately 70 children in the village that get a hot meal six days a week, one meal per day.

That plate of food cost about $1.


These friendly folks live in a village that I have been to. I’ve watched those kids recite memory work and sing. Formerly a group of low-caste shepherds and criminals, the entire village came to Christ and now lives in obedience to Jesus. They’re waving at the camera because they are grateful for their new clean water well, constructed using funds donated to The 25 Group by regular people, most of whom give $25 or less per month.

The well cost $3000. There are a few hundred people in the village. That’s less than $10 a person for clean drinking water for life.

Grip CoverYou may be wondering how those two pictures relate to a book release, but the reason I wrote Grip was to inspire greater generosity among folks who have more than enough. There are a lot of people around the world — billions, in fact — who do not even have the bare minimum. There are thousands of Dominican children who lack sufficient nutrition. There are billions of people on earth who don’t have clean water to drink. In each and every case, a few bucks helps solve the problem.

Not only do I want to inspire generosity, but I want to put my money where my mouth is. I didn’t write a book because I needed some extra money. I wrote it because there are marginalized people all over the world that Jesus commanded we help — they hungry, thirsty, sick, etc. (Matthew 25:31-46) Every cent of profit I make from sales of my new book are going straight to The 25 Group to do work like you see above. When you buy a print edition of Grip on the CreateSpace store, I make $9.67. That’s more than enough to get clean drinking water to a villager in India. When you buy a copy on Amazon, I make $6.47. When you buy a KIndle edition, I earn $2.10. That’s two days worth of food for a boy like the one pictured above.

Food in stomachs.

Clean water in mouths.

If this book doesn’t change your life, it will definitely change someone else’s.

I’m hoping it does both.

Thanks for your support of this new project. I hope you enjoy the read. More so, thanks for your support of the boy and the villagers pictured above, and the many more we’ve yet to help. Because of your purchase of Grip, help is on the way.