Some Smart Reading on the Transgender-Bathroom-Christianity-Target Controversy

To quote the great theologian Forrest Gump, “I’m not a smart man.”

Not smart enough to compose a meaningful post on how Christians interact with the LGBT community, nor smart enough to compose a meaningful post on how to not interact with businesses who interact with the LGBT community.

But I can read, and if you are up for some intelligent, well-intentioned, Jesus-centered, well-written, and meaningful content on the subject, I’ve done you a major solid and curated the three smartest I’ve found right here.

  • Do these posts cover the whole debate? of course not
  • Do I agree with every single thing in them? of course not
  • Can I disagree with something online, not turn into a raving lunatic, and still have a pleasant enough day? of course




If you are looking for hyperbole, hyperventilation, and incredulous yapping…these posts are not for you. Click elsewhere. There are plenty of options. If you’re up for some good dialogue, these make for a good start.

Without further ado, here are three posts I found to be very meaningful, challenging, and reasonably-toned regarding the issues that have been crescendoing in our public discourse for the last little while. You might not love them all, but you should at least read them all.


Jesus, Target & Bathrooms by Keith Kepley

Bathroom Solutions by Ryan Phipps

When He Became a She by Anna McCarthy