Let’s Make Jesus Culture

You can complain about culture, or you can Make Jesus Culture.

I’m going to try and help do the latter.

There’s this online conference, and I’m really excited about taking part. More than being excited about taking part, I’m excited that it’s a thing. This line up, guys…it is stacked: lots of creators and thinkers and innovators that will challenge your thinking and practice. A wide variety of subjects. A come-and-go format. The convenience of streaming online. Stretched over two weeks.

It’s like March Madness (yeah, I said it NCAA…sue me) for people who want Jesus to impact every nook and cranny of our world. This should cost $100. It’s fourteen days of content. It’s leaders in their fields. It’s fresh. It’s going to be quality.

It costs $10.

I’m presenting on Tuesday, February 13th. My topic is How My Writing Helped Guide a Movement Through Moral Crisis. It’ll be about confrontation and healing and redemption and shining light into dark places. But that’s just one session out of 150. Dr. Garry Brashears will be presenting on The Bible Project and Western Seminary. There are sessions on art and music and app design and so much more. If it helps shape culture, it’s up for grabs. You can view the whole line-up for week one here and the whole line-up for week two here. 

You can get all the details, register, see where your registration money is going, and get all your questions answered by clicking on the pic below.

Join me for a different kind of thing. A Jesus thing. A culture thing. It’s a new thing, and I’d love to have you join me as we make Jesus culture together.