Four Things I’m For

A couple weeks back I posted a blog called “I Recommend.” Got some good response — some “Amens!” and some “If you like __________, you should check out ______________.” So here we go, with four more things I’m currently very much in favor of.


The first two weeks of September are awesome. College football kicks off one weekend, the NFL the next. There are games every night and–on Saturday and Sunday–all day long. There are fantasy teams and Pick-Em’s Leagues and plenty of Monday morning quarterbacking.

Personally, my primary allegiance for college football lies with the Missouri Tigers. I’ll watch nearly any game though, as long as it’s a good match up. If I really like one team, great. If I really dislike the other team, even better. In pro football I am without passionate leanings because I grew up in Missouri when the Chiefs weren’t great and the Rams didn’t exist (as they very well may not again). So I watched what was on and developed a fondness for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only way I can explain that is they remind me of the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL.

Go football.


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The Layover

Anthony Bourdain is irreverent, brash, and dislikable. If I ever met him in real life, it’s not likely we’d have anything in common or be friends. However, his vast international interests mirror my own and his shows get under the skin of culture and unearths how things really are. The show is a little raw, but it’s not fake or over-produced.

Popularly, he currently stars on CNN’s Parts Unknown. But I recently discovered an old Travel Channel series on Netflix called The Layover where he spends a compact amount of time in cities all over the globe and educates the audience on local cuisine, sport, and culture. It’s not for everyone, but I find it binge-worthy.


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For a mindless, app-based game I’m all over 1010, a slightly more complicated Tetris-like game that I’m very mediocre at playing. However, I’ve been dreaming in blocks and more than once grew enraged at my own incompetence. I’ll either get better soon or delete it in frustration. Either way, it’s plenty of fun in the mean time.


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Classic Country

I am simultaneously proud and ashamed of my encyclopedic knowledge of country music. I’m proud because I was raised on it and it represents so much about where I came from, the people I know, and the places I call home. I’m a little ashamed, too, because the stereotypes about the music are true — the twangy references to alcohol, divorce, and pathetic grief in general are not things I celebrate.

Whether it’s my distaste for modern country music, homesickness, or something else altogether, my radio has found its way to Houston’s country legends station more often than not here lately. I know I won’t persuade too many folks to go out and download a bunch of Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson after reading this, but for me there’s no brand of music that sounds more like home.

So I listen to it.


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There are four things I’m for.

What are you into these days?