How to Not Screw Up Your Teenager (In 3 Easy Steps)

Don’t want to mess up your kid forever? Help is available. Below are three links. If you read them, take them to heart, and put them into practice, you’ll take some steps in your parenting. Like anything important, it’s hard work…I hope these links will help by encouraging you, educating you, and inspiring you to be the parent God made you to be.

I also think the links are valuable to non-parents who love teenagers — educators, pastors, etc. So give the links a look and share it around with other people in your shoes. Click on any of the images for some helpful content!

Thanks for reading.



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If you’ve been under a rock and not paying attention, study after study shows that your influence over your teenager as a parent is the #1 influence in their life. This is especially true when it comes to matters of faith, as this article points out. Take a few minutes and be reminded of how valuable your contribution to your student’s life is.



Hey guess what, dads?

Parenting isn’t women’s work. As men, we’ve got to lead the way in parenting. Sometimes that takes on a really practical form — like these great tips from the folks at All Pro Dad. Take five minutes and man up — read this and implement some of the ideas you discover.



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I love this article I ran across in the Youth Culture Report. I don’t know about where you live, but teenagers in my community are stressed out. Failure seems catastrophic and success is the end goal. Nothing wrong with being ambitious, but we need to talk better with young people about how to process both winning and losing. This article is helpful in prepping us for that conversation.