Screen Addiction, Dangerous Apps & What to Do About It

Last Wednesday I posted a youth ministry blog and decided that for the next little bit I’m going to make that a Wednesday tradition. Here’s this week’s edition:

You wouldn’t drop your kid off in the middle of Manhattan and turn them loose, expecting them to find their way safely back to you safely, would you? Most parents wouldn’t. Yet similar amounts of freedom (dangerous freedom) is given to teenagers everyday when we as parents cut them loose with phones, tablets, and laptops.

They’ve got them in their rooms, in their hands, in their beds, and in their pockets nearly 24/7. An astonishing amount of parents impose few if any restrictions to their use.

Recently, our children’s and student ministry teams presented at a roundtable at our church where we shared about an hour’s worth of content on the topic of technology. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to pass on the info. You can also visit our church’s website to download the PDFs mentioned in the video.

Keep on keeping on, lovers of teenagers!