You Need to Know About Tribe

Every now and then, I try to feature the work someone else is doing here on the blog. When my buddy Jake asked me to help him spread the word about the ministry he is a part of, I couldn’t wait. Personally, I’ve been so encouraged to know Jake McDonnell over the years. He has challenged me with his passionate pursuit of Jesus and laser-focus on the Gospel. There isn’t a phony bone in this dudes body. He is the real deal.

I’ve never met his wife Sharon before, because they met after he moved from St. Louis to California. I can tell this much, though — she has the same passionate resolve to see the nations meet Jesus that Jake does.

19b23b_e57c071082bbf34a9ae10374c3e2e79a.jpg_srz_296_258_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTogether, they recently moved to San Diego to work with Tribe.

Tribe is a church plant in San Diego growing as a series of small, local communities. Tribe aspires to be a group of communities that worship God without hindrance, study scriptures deeply, pray without ceasing, share the Gospel widely, embrace and serve the public, love and share with the poor, live as the church everyday, and radically love Jesus.

I would love for you to check out this video that paints a simple yet beautiful picture of their work reaching the lost from all over the world who now call their neighborhood in San Diego home. I would also encourage you to visit their website and maybe get involved somehow. Maybe you know people in the San Diego area looking for a community to belong to. Maybe you will feel led to support their work from a distance through prayer and giving. Who knows — maybe God will call you to work among them.

Either way, I thought you needed to know about Tribe and my good friends Jake and Sharon. Check out the video, say a prayer for this worthy work, and get involved as the Lord leads.