3 Links You Need to Read Right Now

To every parent of a teenager out there, here are three pieces I ran across in the last few weeks that I found insightful. You would do well to munch on these while you take your lunch break some time this week. Parenting is hard work. Every little bit of added insight and information helps. Click on any of the images below to link to the content:


This from one of my favorite sources of all things adolescence, The Youth Cartel. Blogger Adam McLane lays out a clear and concise explanation of why teenagers do what they do. It’s telling in light of the next two posts I’m sharing regarding technology use and interconnectivity.


This from http://www.chicagonow.com and their Tween Us feature. A really informative take on Kik, a popular text messaging app used by tens of millions of teenagers. While it’s popular with young teens, it is by no means appropriate for that age group. What every parent needs to know.


Last–and also from the aforementioned Adam McLane–this on Ask.fm. What’s the history behind this sort of social network, what are the associated dangers, and how can you interact with your teenager concerning their own use?

Hope you find those links helpful. Feel free to share this blog in order to share all three helpful sources of info in one fell swoop. Thanks to the authors of these pieces for their insight and expertise.