539316_418439671552954_821873532_nWhen I was just a little guy, I would grab a stack of loose leaf and a pen and start writing. I’d go on writing binges that would last for hours. My hand cramped up. I forgot about sports. I didn’t think about much else.

The result were several mediocre tales of pre-pubescent adventure. They usually involved a guy, a girl, and a basketball. When I was feeling silly, they’d border on the humorous. When I was feeling down, they would sometimes read pretty melancholy.

I still have a lot of those first “books.” In retrospect, I think I was just sorting myself out. In fact, when I launched this website, I said quite a bit more about that. You can read the inaugural post here.

Fast forward a couple decades. I’m standing by the sink in my old house in Missouri talking to my wife. I had felt an itch I couldn’t help but scratch. I had to share it with someone, and my wife felt like the obvious choice.

“I need to write,” I said to her.

I did not say I wanted to write. I did not say I thought it would be cool to write. I just said I needed to. Because in a way, I don’t think I ever out grew the kid with the loose leaf sorting myself out.

So I write. I’ve written articles. I wrote a book. And I write on this website. Because I need to. I’m trying to sort out people, and Jesus, and church, and other stuff. Look around this world much and you’ll discover there’s plenty of yarn to unwind.

So I write.

The tabs (for now) under “Write” highlight two writing efforts.. One is my testing of the waters when it comes to books. The other is an effort I’m proud of–writing for a resource website called Teen Sunday School Place.

Take a look around and keep an eye out for my next writing project.

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