Grip: Let Loose, Dig Deep & Take Hold is my latest book and you can purchase your copy via the CreateSpace store or on Amazon. Print and Kindle editions are available.



“One man’s thoughts on the Bible in a refreshingly honest, conversational style.”

The Scriptures have been a source of inspiration, controversy, and dialogue for centuries. I attempt to advance that dialogue to a new generation of readers–one with deep passions, an intuitive sense of purpose, and a longing to be part of something bigger than themselves.

I also wrestle with the tough questions, admit when I don’t know the answer, and invite other to think along with me. Whether a skeptic or a believer, entering into this conversation will give you the opportunity to do those same things–wrestle, doubt, and believe. A Conversational Commentary is a must read for anyone with questions about the Bible, and for those who think all their questions have been answered.

A thoroughly independent project, A Conversational Commentary was published through CreateSpace and is available in print and Kindle editions. Though it did not enjoy the backing of a large publishing company, it has outsold the average self-published title by two-fold and enjoyed four- and five-star reviews at Amazon.

Here’s what readers are saying about A Conversational Commentary:

“Ever talk with a friend over lunch or coffee about life? It’s not one of those rushed times, but relaxed and thoughtful. That’s the tone of this book.”

“This book gives a beautifully simple and up front approach to the Bible.”

“If you or someone you know wants to read the Bible but you don’t know where to start, or you want someone to explain to you what each book of the Bible is about in a gentle conversational way then A Conversational Commentary is for you.”

You can snag your copy here.

Or here. 

Back in the day, I wrote my first book as a labor of love for my wife’s home church (also the congregation I served at the time). Originally my master’s thesis and entitled To God Be the Glory, Echoes: Reflections on Our First Fifty Years became a full-fledged book which traces the history of the First Christian Church of Florissant from it’s humble beginnings in the 50’s to it’s mega-church status just five decades later. Here’s the description from Amazon:
41B8Ojr4JwL._SL500_AA300_On Sunday, May 18, 1958, when First Christian Church of Florissant held its first service, over twenty were in attendance. Twelve made decisions to belong to Grandview Heights Christian Church, as it was then called, and thus the foundation was laid for what would become First Christian Church of Florissant-one of the most dynamic, healthy, and stable churches in the metropolitan St. Louis area. The story of First Christian Church of Florissant has been told in smaller pieces over the past fifty years in annual reports, in weekly newsletters, and through the lives of its members. This book is the reflection of these pieces combined into one volume. From twelve courageous people to a congregation of over 2,000 members, the history of First Christian Church of Florissant is a compelling story.
If you love the local church, history, or tales of God’s work among his people, you can grab a copy of Echoes here.

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